"Enterprise with foreign investments "Interplitka"

It is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise, oriented to the modern demands of the ceramic tile market.

"Work on a work of art can never be completed, and can only be abandoned."
Leonardo da Vinci
painter, painter, architect

Let's talk about this in more detail

We are talking about the selection of raw materials unique in their characteristics, equipping them with modern equipment, introducing advanced production technologies, using creative design solutions, and providing favorable conditions for partnership. Quality, as the basis of our work, helped the company “Interkerma” firmly establish itself in the leading positions in the sphere of production and delivery of ceramic tiles.



At the same time, we value the world experience, using the best achievements of the world’s leading companies and adapting them to the existing realities and requirements of the domestic buyer. We do not stop there, constantly paying attention to the new original ones.
We follow the latest trends in interior fashion, offering fresh interesting solutions. Therefore, our collections are always relevant, diverse and non-standard, they are created taking into account the tastes of current consumers.

Our advantages

The level of trust of clients

All the parameters of the tiles necessary for the customer for the correct selection and configuration are indicated on the package.

Many years on the market

At all stages of tile production, a thorough laboratory and production control. In all respects, our tiles meet the standards.

Retail and wholesale

This is one of the most popular modern building materials. The ceramic tile is divided according to the purpose and mode of production.

We know what's interesting to others

The final stage of production is sorting the tiles. Tiles are grouped according to types, sizes.

Customers are always in the know

According to the recipe, all raw materials are dosed and crushed in wet grinding mills. The resulting mixture is called a slip.

Quick order

A very important process is the decoration of tiles. Includes engobeing, glazing.

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